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The Financial Aid Office is located in the Student Services Center and is open Mon.-Fri., 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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Institutional Membership Forms
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Open:  8 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday-Friday
Regina Hernandez
voice: 254.867.4834
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The Office of the President is located in the Administration building on 7th Street.


Institutional memberships may be purchased from Educational & General Funds, Auxiliary Funds, or other institutional funds for the following purposes:

• organizations that distribute publications used for developing courses or policies;
• organizations to maintain college accreditation or compliance of state agency guidelines;
• organizations that provide access to business & industry for student employment information;
• organizations that provide grant, contract, and technology information;
• organizations that provide certification for instructors to maintain compliance of an instructional requirement for certification;
• organizations that provide academic contests for student participation; and
• organizations that provide services and information for recruiting students.

Please follow the forms and guidelines below when processing Institutional Memberships list below.

1.  Complete the Lobbyist letter and mail to the organization for their verification signature
2.  Complete the membership form, please be sure to include signatures from:
     o    Person submitting the application
     o    Vice President for the department
3.  Send the following to the President’s Office for processing:
o    Original signed Institutional Membership application form
o    Original invoice from the organization
o    Copy of Purchase Order (Procurement Cards may NOT be used to pay for memberships)
o    Original Lobbyist Letter (if an E&G account is used)

Once the President’s approval signature is obtained, the membership application will be sent to the System Office for final approval

When final approval is obtained, the President’s Office will scan and email the application form and other required paperwork to the Purchasing Department for payment processing; we will also copy the person who submitted the forms on this email

Institutional Membership Approval Form (Revised 05-11)

Lobbyist Letter (only needed if an E&G account is used) – complete this sample

PLEASE NOTE:  If you are registering for a conference or event for an organization and the fee includes an institutional membership, you MUST follow these procedures and submit an Institutional Membership form … no exceptions.  All approvals will have to be completed before payment will be made for the event/membership.  A procurement card may not be used in this situation.

Texas State Technical College does not pay for individual memberships. The membership must be an institutional membership and may have a representative or several representatives listed on the membership.


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