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Brazos Community Policies

Abandoned Property
Tenant’s property is deemed abandoned from the date the tenant turns in their keys, leaves or is evicted. TSTC is relieved of all liabilities for this abandoned property. If the tenant abandons the premises or is evicted, any personal property belonging to the tenant left on the premises is deemed to have been transferred to TSTC. TSTC has the right to remove and dispose of the property without liability to the tenant or to any person claiming to be under the tenant, and there is no need to account of any said property. TSTC may retain belongings as its property or may dispose of belongings through sale, donation or in such other manner as TSTC, in its sole discretion, may determine. Any proceeds from the sale or other disposition of property may be applied to the necessary and proper expense of removing, storing and selling such property, then to the payment of any rent due or to become due under the lease, with the balance, if any, to be paid to the tenant.

Access to Premises
TSTC and its agents are permitted at all reasonable times to enter a home to examine the condition of the residence. The uses of personal locks or security devices not authorized by TSTC are prohibited. Unauthorized locks will be removed at the tenant’s expense.

The Brazos Community is a residentially zoned area. For that reason, tenants are not permitted to operate any type of business within the community. This includes, but is not limited to home-based daycares, auto repair or animal breeding.

TSTC has no obligation towards the installation or maintenance of cable, satellite, or phone lines inside or outside of the residence. Tenants are to request a ‘Cable Release Form’ to install or have installed a satellite dish, which are not permitted to be installed on the roof for any reason.

Except for those conditions caused by the negligence of the landlord, the tenant is financially responsible for repairs of the following conditions that occur during their possession of a home:

  • damage from wastewater stoppages caused by foreign or improper objects in lines that exclusively serve the home, other than wastewater stoppages or back-ups caused by    deterioration, breakage, rust, ground conditions, faulty construction or malfunctioning equipment;
  • damage to doors, windows or screens;
  • damage from windows or doors left open.

Cooking Out
Tenants are encouraged to be mindful of their and other’s safety when barbequing and grilling. No cooking should be done on the breezeway, porch or carport, but instead at least 10 feet from the residence. Ashes should be disposed of properly and in a manner to avoid becoming a fire hazard.

Tenants are not permitted to alter or make additions to their home. This includes but is not limited to wallpapering, installing contact paper, painting or constructing fences, carport dividers or installing lattice work. Any such alteration or addition will be removed and charges for such removal will be charged to the tenants.

Window coverings other than blinds and/or curtains are not permitted to be visible from the exterior of the home. Per the State Fire Marshall, each bedroom is to have one operable, unobstructed window.

If tenant defaults, TSTC may end the tenant’s right of occupancy by giving written notice to vacate. Notice may be by: (1) regular mail; (2) certified mail, return receipt requested; (3) personal delivery to any resident; (4) personal delivery at the residence to any occupant over 16 years old; or (5) affixing a notice to the inside of the residence’s main entry door. After giving notice to vacate or filing an eviction suit, TSTC may still accept rent or other sums due; the filing or acceptance doesn’t waive or diminish TSTC’s right of eviction, or any other contractual or statutory right. Accepting money at any time doesn’t waive TSTC’s right to damages; past or future rent or other sums; or to continue with eviction proceeding.

Homes are exterminated inside for roaches, ants, flies other insects and rodents before rental. Should these services be needed after a tenant moves in, it is the responsibility of the tenant to pay for said service.

All residences should have a trash container for disposing of household trash. Garbage bags are not to be set outside the house without being placed in the provided container. Tenants are responsible for moving these containers to the curb on their designated trash day and promptly removing them from the curb that same evening. Trash container should be kept in the back of the home.

Only one trash container is authorized per unit. To request additional containers, contact Campus Living. Each addition container will be charged to the tenant’s account. In the event a trash can becomes missing or is damaged beyond use, please contact the City of Waco Sanitation Department to order a new one.

Tenants are responsible for the behavior and actions of their guests. Individuals not on the lease, should not stay at the home more than two (2) days in any one month period without prior written approval from Campus Living.

Registered sex offenders are not permitted anywhere within campus housing for any reason or any amount of time, no matter what relation or affiliation they have with a tenant.

Tenants are charged $5 for any lost key. In the event a home has to be re-keyed, tenants will be charged $45.

Personal locks or security devices not authorized by TSTC are prohibited. Unauthorized locks will be removed at the tenant’s expense.

Lawn Maintenance
Lawns are mowed by contractors; therefore tenants should keep yards free of debris and other articles. Children’s toys should be picked up nightly to avoid being damaged by mowers.

Lease Cancelation/Termination
Tenants have the right to cancel their lease agreement by providing Campus Living 30 days advance written notification. Any rental payment due for the remainder of the lease term is required to be paid by the tenant.

TSTC has the right to cancel the lease agreement by giving thirty (30) days advance written notification of intention to have the premises vacated by the tenant. Any rental payment due at the expiration of the 30 days is to be paid on a prorated basis from the first day of the month in which the tenant vacates the premises.

Tenants will be found in default of the lease for any of the following:

a.       Failure to pay rent or other amounts owed on time;
b.      Tenant or any guest or occupant violates this Lease Contract, or fire, safety, health or criminal laws, regardless of whether arrest or conviction occurs;
c.       Tenant abandons the residence;
d.      Tenant gives incorrect or false answers in the rental application or in bad faith, makes an invalid habitability complaint to an official or employee of a utility company or the government;
e.       Any illegal drugs or paraphernalia are found in the residence or any resident and/or occupant is arrested, charged, detained, convicted, or given deferred adjudication or pretrial diversion for a felony offense involving actual or potential physical harm to a person, or involving possession, manufacture, or delivery of controlled substance, marijuana, or drug paraphernalia or any sex-related crime, including misdemeanor;

TSTC is not responsible for any damage resulting to the premises or personal property due to fire, flood or any other causes not under TSTC’s control, including theft.

Tenants agree to hold TSTC, Campus Living and its staff harmless from any and all claims for bodily injury and/or property damage arising out of any conditions created or occurring on the property subsequent to the effective date of the lease. It is understood by the tenants that TSTC has no insurance coverage of any kind on the property and that any such insurance desired by the tenant may be purchased by the tenant solely at their expense. In order for a tenant to be protected from losses, Campus Living strongly encourages tenants to purchase renter’s insurance through a private insurance carrier licensed by the state of Texas.

TSTC provides a full on-site maintenance staff to handle the maintenance requests for family housing. This staff is available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. except for the observance of holidays.

During the time when TSTC is closed for weekends, evenings or holidays, TSTC provides one on-call maintenance person for emergency service. This person will respond to after-hours maintenance requests on priority based on the risk to life and property, and then in the order in which the requests are received. The after-hours, on-call maintenance person will only be responsible for maintenance situations which pose a risk to life and/or to property. All routine maintenance requests will be reported to the full maintenance staff on the following scheduled workday.

If you call emergency maintenance (254) 855-2138 for situations which are not determined later to be a true emergency, you may be billed for the after-hours service call.

Personal belongings, such as furniture, appliances, mattresses, volatile substances, auto parts, clothing, etc, should not be left in breezeways, on porches or under carports.

Tenants are permitted to have fish in a ten (10) gallon tank or less, domesticated cats or dogs. Tenants may not have more than two cats and/or dogs at any one time. All other pets are prohibited, including but not limited to: birds, rabbits, parrots, toucans, hamsters, gerbils, snakes, frogs, spiders, ferrets or other exotic animals.

The following breeds are not permitted due to size or aggressive nature:

  • Pit Bulls
  • Rottweilers
  • Doberman Pincher
  • German Shepard
  • Siberian Huskies
  • Malamutes
  • Bull Terriers
  • Bulldogs
  • Wolf-dog hybrid
  • Chow Chows
  • Great Danes

This dog restriction does not apply to those tenants who are continuous residents as of Aug. 31, 2007.

It is the responsibility of the pet owners to abide by all statutes and/or ordinances applicable to the use, ownership and control of domesticated pets. Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times when outside and are not to be tied to anything at anytime for any reason.

Pet Deposit
Those desiring to have a cat or dog must pay a $500 pet fee. Three hundred is refundable upon move-out as long as no damages exist, inside or outside of the home, from said pet. Tenants are to provide Campus Living with current shot records for their pet.

For the safety of neighborhood children, wading pools are the only pools permitted within the Brazos Community. These pools should not be filled with more that eight (8) inches of water, should only be placed in the back yard and should be emptied nightly.

Rent is billed to the primary lessee.s account on the first day of each month. Failure to pay in full by the 5th of each month, results in a 5 percent charge on the amount owed being added to the account.

Those who are paying a student rate must remain a full-time student to receive this discount. If at any point it is determined that no one within the household is a full-time student of TSTC, rent will be increased to the non-student rate, effective the first day of the following month.

Those who are paying the Educational rate must provide documentation of being a full-time employee at an educational/state agency or work full time at a college other than TSTC. Upon no longer meeting either of these criteria, the rental rate will be increased to the non-educational rate, effective the first day of the following month.

Smoke detectors
Tenants may not tamper with or disconnect smoke detectors. The state Fire Marshall requires that all smoke detectors in state-owned residential housing be operable at all times, and Campus Living conducts regular inspections to ensure that TSTC is in compliance. If a smoke detector is found inoperable, a notice will be issued. If a second violation occurs, the lease agreement will be terminated.

Tenants will be responsible for any damage arising from disconnecting or failure to replace batteries or for not reporting malfunctions of smoke detectors. Smoke detectors must remain where Campus Living installs them. An additional smoke detector may be added by the tenant at their own expense.

Tenants are not to assign, sublet, or part with the possession of the whole or any part of the premises without prior written consent of the director of Campus Living. It is understood that allowing other students or any other unauthorized person(s) to live on the premises, whether they pay or not, is strictly forbidden and is cause for immediate termination of the agreement.

Tenants are responsible for keeping gas and electrical service on at their residence. Any electric service that is transferred back into the school’s name will be charged to the tenants. Failure to correct such an occurrence can result in eviction from the home.

Only currently operable, licensed, state and campus-registered vehicles are permitted to be parked within campus housing. Those not registered are subject to being towed at the owner’s expense. Tenants are not permitted to drive or park any vehicle on the grass or sidewalks, nor mark a space for individual use.

Eighteen wheelers, trailers of any type, boats, recreational vehicles and all motorized off-road vehicles are prohibited. Those found on campus property are subject to a traffic citation or towing at the tenant’s expense.


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