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A high voltage career.

With the looming retirements of baby boomers, there is a growing need for trained professionals in this field.

An electrifying new opportunity.

This program at TSTC is the only two-year associate degree program in Texas specifically focused on the many aspects of electrical power technology. You will get instruction in several highly lucrative specializations, including engineering and design, installation and calibration, maintenance, testing and troubleshooting, computer instrumentation and robotic interfacing, and electrical construction.

At TSTC, graduates are equipped for employment with extensive classroom and lab experience with AC and DC motors, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), speed drive systems, computer software packages for engineering, designing and drafting. And, with TSTC's Money-Back Guarantee, you can sleep soundly at night knowing you'll have a job within six months of graduation or receive your tuition back.

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