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A career where
you can shine.

You can help deploy solar energy to the masses harnessing its power to lower operating costs, increase profits and protect the environment.

Generate a bright future.

Fortunately for you, TSTC is always looking for opportunities for Texans to be successful in the high-tech arena. TSTC was one of the first to respond to the needs of this growing industry and is one of only two schools in the state and one of the few in the nation to offer a degree in Solar Energy Technology. Which means you’ll enter the job field with credentials that set you apart from other candidates.

While at TSTC, you’ll gain related knowledge and skills in basic plumbing, electrical and roofing — to make you highly employable. TSTC partners with Texas Renewable Energy Education Consortium and the State Energy Conservation Office to ensure your curriculum meets the industry needs. In about five semesters, you could be in the field after earning an Associate of Applied Science degree in Solar Technology. Your job prospects include smaller local companies to the top solar energy users like Walmart, Kohl’s, Apple, IKEA, FedEx, Toyota and AT&T.

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