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Photo of student working on high performance computer system.Cloud computing, “Supercomputing”/High Performance Computing (HPC), the extreme proliferation of data, and Internet-based services are changing the computer industry as we know it. No longer are high performance computers adequately able to process the incredible, increasing demand for data delivery, processing and redundancy. This is where you and TSTC’s HPC program come in.

There's nothing geeky about the data center, and there’s certainly nothing geeky about Supercomputing, especially when you're talking about some of the world's fastest computers! When you utilize “the cloud,” you’re utilizing services in a data center.  When you stream content from the Internet, you’re utilizing services in a data center. When you perform searches, you’re utilizing both High Performance Computing and data center resources.

A proliferation of data centers is popping up all over Texas, the United States, and the world. It is estimated that the U.S. alone houses over 2.94  MILLION data centers. The rapid expansion of data, devices, and the need for redundancy and disaster recovery have caused a growing number of companies to invest in their own data centers or turn to large service providers for their needs. What does this mean for you? Employment opportunities!

Supercomputing, more commonly called High Performance Computing or HPC, takes computing to a much higher level. Traditonally, HPC technology was utilized only by research laboratories. With some of the largest machines reaching computational speeds of more than a petaflop – the equivalent of 1,000 trillion calculations per second – it’s no wonder that data centers are now investing in Supercomputing.

What can you do with such high rates of computational speed? Technicians, scientists, researchers and others use HPC to help solve some of the world's most puzzling problems, including finding cures for long-standing diseases, targeting specific genes for pharmaceutical research, simulating the effects of a hurricane, predicting weather cycles and mining data in giant databases, to name just a few.

At TSTC, students learn the skills needed for the data center by gaining real-world exposure to many different brands of industry standard equipment. This two-year degree program is designed to get you into the workforce quickly or into a larger institution supporting research and continuing your education in the exciting world of computational science.

Some of What You’ll Do

  • Install, configure, and maintain computer systems in a REAL data center
  • Cloud computing
  • Build computational clusters
  • Build virtualization clusters
  • Data center orchestration
  • Manage power and cooling
  • Manage and configure Storage Area Network (SAN) devices
  • Diagnosis and problem-solving
  • Perform research
  • Work on small to large projects
  • Implement high-speed interconnects
  • Utilize script languages and explore Python and C++ programming
  • Operate job schedulers
  • Install and maintain high performance file systems

TSTC’s Star Power Prep

  • Five semesters of intensive training learning all aspects of High Performance Computing, in addition to the academics and support courses you need to succeed
  • High-tech, hands-on practice in an actual student-run data center
  • One of only two schools in the nation that awards an AAS degree in High Performance Computing
  • Small class size with a strong one-on-one instructional approach
  • Experienced staff with industry training guided by an advisory board comprised of field experts

TSTC Job Credibility

Students can gain additional experience to boost their resumes through internships and co-ops that will give them even more real-world and on-the-job experience. In addition, students have the opportunity to add important certifications that increase their appeal to employers, as well as multiplied networking opportunities with industry supporters.

Dedicated Faculty

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” – Confucius

The faculty in the HPC department love what they do and it shows. We have  a passion for teaching, a passion for student development, and a passion for seeing “the light bulb” turn on in our students. With years of industry and teaching experience, we bring a lot to the table to ensure you receive the best possible education for your career.

Small Class Size

In the HPC program, our class size is strictly limited to 20 students per class. This ensures that our instructors are afforded the opportunity to work one-on-one for individualized training.

There's no substitute for hands-on learning!

Compared to other colleges, TSTC students spend a lot less time in the classroom and much more time in real-world work settings operating the equipment they will use in their respective fields. In most programs, students are engaged more than 60 percent of their time in performing the actual work they will  do upon graduation.  In the HPC program, you will spend well over 80 percent of your time with hands-on projects. This is just one of the many ways TSTC ensures you get the depth of instruction you need to succeed in the data center!

Advisory Committee

Our faculty, combined with an advisory committee, helps to ensure students are learning exactly what they need when they enter the job market. Our constant contact with the industry is especially important given the rate of change present in the market today. TSTC’s strong programs match industry needs, making it easier for graduates to obtain jobs when the time comes to move out into the workforce.



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