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Aircraft Pilot Training Associate Degree

A college education is one of the most important investments a person can make. TSTC Waco is committed to providing access to everyone who can benefit from such an education. The cost of attending TSTC Waco varies depending on a variety of factors, including a student's residency status, whether or not the student lives on campus, the program of study and any other services that the student may need. A variety of Financial Aid packages may be available to help pay or offset tuition costs.

Additional flight fees are listed below.



Aircraft Pilot Training: Airplane



Other Fees:


Redbird Simulator Fees (Airplane only):


Private Pilot

$300: Unlimited time

Instrument Pilot

$600: Unlimited time

Commercial Flight

$200: Unlimited time

Total Airplane Course Simulator Fees:    $1,100


Flight Training Flight-Fees – Airplane:


Aircraft Pilot Training Degree


The educational goal for the APT degree is for a student to graduate with the required FAA licensures to obtain employment in industry. Program and course learning outcomes are included in the degree to obtain overall academic learning goals as well. 


For students enrolled in the full-time degree program for the FAA Private thru Certified Flight Instructor and Certified Flight Instructor Instrument certificates and ratings (Part 141), the length of time it takes to complete is dependent on several factors. The student’s own ability; how motivated the student is and how much effort the student invests in homework and study assignments to obtain flight proficiency.


It is very rare that an individual can complete a course within the FAA minimum licensure requirements. We will not compromise your safety just to guarantee a minimum number of hours towards your certification. Motivation is the most important factor a student can possess. This will allow you to gain the required knowledge base and apply consistency to the needed flight skills which will allow you to be a safe and employable asset to the aviation industry.


PLEASE NOTE: TSTC course requirement standards are higher than FAA minimum licensure standards. If a student accomplishes licensure for an FAA rating prior to reaching TSTC flight time minimum standards, then the hour level at which FAA licensure was demonstrated, will be accepted by TSTC as proof of meeting the educational goal for that portion of the degree and a substitution for credit will be issued for that licensure.


We expect you to complete one rating (licensure) per semester.

To complete the TSTC flight degree program, three of the five required FAA ratings must be completed at TSTC.

NOTE: This cost estimate sheet does not include Room and Board or Housing Deposit. All new students residing on campus in Lavaca Hall, Red River Apartments or Village Oaks Apartments will be billed for the 1M525 Meal Plan option for his/her first two consecutive semesters on campus in addition to housing fees.


(Effective 11 May 15)




Part 141 Program: Aircraft Pilot Training Airplane:



Private Pilot Certification:        C172:


66 hours total time. Includes 47 hours dual, 19 hours solo, 29 hours of pre and post flight review, plus check ride flight time and possible fuel surcharge.*


Instrument Certification:           C172:


54 hours total flight time. This includes 54 hours of dual and 33 hours of pre and post flight review plus check ride flight time and fuel*


Commercial Flight:                  C172/PA28R:   


128 hours total time. Includes 72 hours of dual, 56 hours solo, and 17 hours of pre and post flight review, plus check ride flight time and fuel* (Costs reflect 50 hours of C172 time for cross-country.)


Certified Fight Instructor:         C172/PA28R:


36 hours total time. Includes 22 hours of pre and post flight review, plus check ride and fuel*

(17 hours complex and 19 hours in the C172.)


Multi-Engine:                           PA44-180:


30 hours total flight time dual. Includes 20 hours of pre and post flight review, plus check ride flight time and fuel*



Note: Fuel for fixed-wing aircraft is billed to the student separately, based on current fuel costs.


Add-on Fixed Wing Ratings:


Certified Flight Instructor Instrument: C172:


29 hours total time. Includes 26 hours of dual, and 3 hours of solo and 38 hours of individual ground instruction, flight review, check ride and fuel*


Multi-Engine Instrument Instructor: PA44-180:


28 hours total flight time. 35 hours ground instruction, flight review, check rides and fuel*


Fixed-Wing Rates:


C-172: Dual $160 per hour: Solo $110 per hour. Fuel surcharge averages $43.83 per hour. Subject to change.


PA28R: Dual $190 per hour. Solo $140 per hour. Fuel surcharge averages$43.83 per hour. Subject to change.


PA44: Dual $210 per hour. Solo $160 per hour. Fuel surcharge averages $87.66 per hour. Subject to change.


Ground instruction, pre and post flight is $50 per hour.


FAA check rides are 1.5 hours of airplane time (typically) per rating. Note: FAA examiner fees are charged by the examiner and is not reimbursable.


FAA Written Exams are currently $165 per test and is the personal responsibility of the applicant for payment.




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